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Multiple Interest Rates
Different Schemes with different interest rates and periods.
Different interest rates can be given for different period of loan. This is useful for attracting customers.
Financial Accounting
All other financial activities of the organisation are effectively handled.
All other expenses like Office expense,etc. can be accounted and Financial statements like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Day Book, etc. can be taken.
Customer Address Book
Customer details can be stored for future transactions.
Customer details with photos, ID card , etc. can be stored. This details can be linked to future transactions.
Multiple Searching Options
A pledge can be searched with different options
Different searching options such as pledgeno, customer name, date of pledge, period of pledge, customer id, status of pledge, customer phone number, etc. can be used for searching.
Deaulters List
Defaulters based on different criteria
You can find out the defaulters based on default date, gold rate per gram, etc. The list can be prepared and send letters to them. Letter charge will be automatically added to the pledge.

Pledged items can be repledged at different banks.
Details of the repledge of pledged item can be handled efficiently.
Deposits can be handled with different rates
Partial Deposit and partial withdrawals are allowed.
G- Form Values
G - Form values can be automatically generated.
G - Form values for a period can be automatically generated. Maximum amount loaned during a period with its date, number of pledge for a period, etc. will be displayed on a mouse click.
Partial Repayment
Partial Repayment and additional withdrawals
Additional withdrawals on an existing pledge is allowed. Partial Repayment is also possible.
User Security
User with different permissions
Any number of user can be created with different permissions. So a user can be restricted to use the software with limited permissions. Administrator can control the users.

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