Pictorsoft Accounting
[HyperLink2] Finacial Accounting Solution
Accounting made Easy
Pictorsoft Inventory
[HyperLink2] Complete Inventory System with GST
Inventory system with purchase, sale and production
PictorSoft GoldLoan
[HyperLink2] Financing through Gold Loan
Easy Gold Loan handling
Pictosoft PayRoll
[HyperLink2] Employee Details with Salary
Attendance, Salary Processing, Loan Handling, etc.
PictorSoft PMS
[HyperLink2] Project Management System
Easy Handling of Projects
PictorSoft KVVES-MS
[HyperLink2] Soceity Management System
Kerala Vyapari Vyavasai Ekopana Samithi Management System
Pictorsoft Service
[HyperLink2] Service Management System
Service Order, Allocation and Billing
PictorSoft Crusher and Quarry Software
[HyperLink2] Effective Handling of Quarry Activities
Simple Accounting for Crusher Material and Vehicle handling
Pictorsoft Accounting
Complete Solution for your accounting activities

Complete Accounting
Total financial Accounting
All the features of accounting is available.
Single Entry Structure
Simple Cash Payments and Receipts
Cash Receipts and Cash Payments are in Single entry mode. Similarly Bank payment and Bank receipt can be done.
Grouping of Accounts
Accounts can be grouped to any level.
You can create any number of sub-groups under the existing groups. Reports can be generated based on these groups and sub-groups.
Multiple Account Creation
A Group of accounts can be created or edited together.
For convenience, a group of accounts (any number of accounts) can be created together. Similarly a group of accounts can be edited together.

Screw Down Structure
Reports can be screw down to entry form
You can easily move from one report to the other by simply pressing the enter key on a row of the report.
Customizable Reports
Reports can be customized with required columns
You can remove or adjust the column before printing the report. The widths of columns can be adjusted by simply dragging the header.
Customizable Forms
Every froms can be customized with required columns
Forms can be rearranged with required columns. So unwanted columns can be removed.
Multiple Currency
Any Number of Currencies can be used.
You can use any currency for financial transactions. The conversion rates of these currencies with the base currency can be given on each transaction.

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