Pictorsoft Accounting
[HyperLink2] Finacial Accounting Solution
Accounting made Easy
Pictorsoft Inventory
[HyperLink2] Complete Inventory System with GST
Inventory system with purchase, sale and production
PictorSoft GoldLoan
[HyperLink2] Financing through Gold Loan
Easy Gold Loan handling
Pictosoft PayRoll
[HyperLink2] Employee Details with Salary
Attendance, Salary Processing, Loan Handling, etc.
PictorSoft PMS
[HyperLink2] Project Management System
Easy Handling of Projects
PictorSoft KVVES-MS
[HyperLink2] Soceity Management System
Kerala Vyapari Vyavasai Ekopana Samithi Management System
Pictorsoft Service
[HyperLink2] Service Management System
Service Order, Allocation and Billing
PictorSoft Crusher and Quarry Software
[HyperLink2] Effective Handling of Quarry Activities
Simple Accounting for Crusher Material and Vehicle handling
Pictorsoft Inventory
GST integrated Complete Inventory System

Accounting Integrated
Inventory activities are fully integrated with complete accounting system.
All the financial entries corresponding to the inventory activities are automatically updated in the financial module.
Multiple Locations (Godwons)
Any Number of Godowns can be created.
Stock can be managed in different locations. In Purchase and Sales, godowns can be speciied. Stock transfer between godowns is also possible.
Multiple Sales Forms
Any Number of Sales Forms and other Transactions forms
Sales forms with customized fields and other parameters can be used. This can be restricted with user.
Production & Raw Material Usage
Efective production handling with raw materials
Raw material requirement for multiple products can be found out together. This is highly useful in bakeries and restaurants.
Graphical Sales Analysis
Various Sales analysis with graphical reports.
Monthly Sales analysis with customers and Product groups are possible. Graphical representation of analysis makes the reports more understandable.

Fully compatible with GST system
Software is ready with Goods and Services Tax system. All kinds of reports required for GST return are available.
Barcode usage is enabled.
Barcodes can be created for each item using barcode printer. Barcode scanners can be used for item entry.
Hospitals and Pharmacy
Medical Shops Management Software
Medicines with Batches, Manufacturer, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date. Hospital Store Management. Centralized Store management. Stock Transfer between locations.
Bakeries and Restaurants
Production Units with effective handling of raw materials
Raw materials requirement for multiple products can be released at a time and items produced can be added to the stock.
Textiles and ReadyMades
Textiles, Wholesale and Retail ReadyMade shops
Wholesale, Retail, Discount sales, etc...
Super Markets
Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Retails Shops
All kinds of purchase and sale. Production, Repackaging, etc.

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