Pictorsoft Accounting
[HyperLink2] Finacial Accounting Solution
Accounting made Easy
Pictorsoft Inventory
[HyperLink2] Complete Inventory System with GST
Inventory system with purchase, sale and production
PictorSoft GoldLoan
[HyperLink2] Financing through Gold Loan
Easy Gold Loan handling
Pictosoft PayRoll
[HyperLink2] Employee Details with Salary
Attendance, Salary Processing, Loan Handling, etc.
PictorSoft PMS
[HyperLink2] Project Management System
Easy Handling of Projects
PictorSoft KVVES-MS
[HyperLink2] Soceity Management System
Kerala Vyapari Vyavasai Ekopana Samithi Management System
Pictorsoft Service
[HyperLink2] Service Management System
Service Order, Allocation and Billing
PictorSoft Crusher and Quarry Software
[HyperLink2] Effective Handling of Quarry Activities
Simple Accounting for Crusher Material and Vehicle handling
Pictosoft PayRoll
Employee Details, Salary Scheduling, Shift Allocation, Attendance Handling, Salary Processing

Manual and Automatic Attendance Processing
A simple method is available for entering attendance manually. If punching machine is integrated, attendance can be processed automatically.
Salary Heads
Multiple Heads for both Earnings and Deductions
Any Number of Pay Heads can be created for both Earnings and Deductions.
Formula Based Calculation
Values of Pay Heads can be calculated based on formula.
For both earnings and deductions, pay head values can be calculated based attendance or a formula with other heads.
Leave Request
Request of leave and its approval.
Employee can submit a request for leave. It has to be approved by the authority. Different levels of approval also possible
Salary Processing
Automatic Salary Processing
Salaries of all the employees can be processed on single click. Or you can process the salary of the employee individually. There is option for processing the salaries of the employees group wise.

Punching Machine
Punching Machine Integration for Attendance
Attendance can be processed daily or for a period from the punching machine data. It can be edited, if needed.
Time Sheet
Time Sheet can be prepared from work site
Attendance can be generated from time sheet.
Over Time
Different types of Over Time can be set.
Over Time charges can be calculated depend on the type of over time allocated on each day.
Employee Loan
Loan with repayement
Employee's can take loan from the company for different purpose. The repayment can be set as reduction from the salary. Monthly installment can be automatically deducted from the salary
Passport and Visa Details
Passport and other Identity details
Identity details and their expiry of each employee can be set in the software. The expiry details will be automatically informed.

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